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Welcome To The Science Magic Page

Join treble-award winning Irish comedian and science communicator Donal Vaughan and prepare to enter the magical world of science. Forget Harry Potter, Donal is the real wizard. Always exciting, sometimes very messy, learn about science, and laugh your pants off while you do it.

And the best part??? You can do all the tricks at home using everyday household items. You too can become a science wizard and amaze your family and friends.

There are now two different shows - 

Science Magic - Messy Mayhem: Donal brings his messier tricks to the stage with cola fountains, exploding potions, a vomiting unicorn and more 'outdoor' tricks. We're not making a mess! We're learning in this family fun show.

Science Magic - Crazy Gadgets: Donal turns engineer and makes some wonderful contraptions that you can build too. From potato rocket launchers, to giant smoke cannons, there are gadgets galore in this family fun show. 


Want to do some great Science Trick?

Click on show for link

Adelaide Fringe - 4/5/11/12/13/18/19 March

Netherlands, Utrecht 30 April

Brighton Fringe - 20/21/27/28/29/30 May & 1-4 June

Singapore Shows - June (Details soon)

Indonesia Shows - June (Details soon)

Edinburgh Fringe - 3-27 Aug

                Science Magic: Messy Mayhem 11:00

                Science Magic: Crazy Gadgets 12:15

                Adventures! (a non science) 13:30

Faroe Islands & Denmark - Sept (Details soon)

UK & Ireland Shows - Oct/Nov/Dec (Details soon)



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