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And So It Begins

Ooooooh. A website. After nearly six years of doing comedy, I've decided to make a website. And websites need content. Hence the blog. I doubt people will ever read any of these, except if the likely event that I am on trial for creating a crazy cult of personality around myself and the prosecutors are trying to find evidence for by madness in these crazy ramblings.

I hope to do these posts at least once a week. Lord knows what I'll talk about. Maybe the sexy adventures of a comedian/science communicator. Although it'll be probably be less 'sex, drugs and rock 'n'roll' and more 'chips, hugs and breakfast rolls'.

This is really just a tester post so I have something on the blog page of my website. Below is a picture of me wearing a crown. I got it when I won the King Gong at the Comedy Store in Manchester. I definitely want to wear more crowns this year. It's a good look.

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